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Wiseman’s Blue Jeans Showdown

The long anticipated yearly event had arrived, this time we would find boogers flocking to wisemans Ferry in May with the song title Blue Jeans by Lana De Rey and Showdown Hoedown as the two hints for what was to come.

On the Friday after work, boogers slowly rolled through into the campsite, carefully claiming their cabins and beds, after getting settled each of them cracked open their first beveragino of the weekend before changing into their first choreographed outfit: blue jeans and white shirts. Boogers looked immaculate showing off their hottest pair of blue jeans, ranging from light blue to dark, and skinny to flared. We had rolled cuff’s, ripped jeans, and even a pair of overalls that made an appearance. The evenings turned cold so a few white shirts were hidden behind jackets, coats and flannels. Everyone put their best foot forward as they danced through the night.

The following morning, boogers took their beds to the lawn as they bathed in the sun while juggling workshops and a game of football ensued. Boogers used this time to recharge and conserve their batteries for what was to come; another night of fun. The juggling workshop was guided by the one and only Django, showing fellow boogers how to juggle high and low using one, two and three balls. Jooglers stood in a circle as they watched and then practice their best juggling tricks. Some Jooglers then graduated from little balls to the big ball league and kicked the football across the lawn showing their hands what their feet were made of.

Saturday evening came quick enough, with boogers changing from their PJs to their best Showdown costumes as they entered the Mad Cow Saloon. The dance floor quickly became a sea of hats, bandannas, pistols, and leather boots. The evening began with a quick bounty hunt, a game that everyone had signed up for the night before (waiting on images). The hunt lasted a total of two minutes before a storm of boogers ran towards the piñata and broke it open to find the bounty.

The hottest set of the evening was the all ladies trio, playing hot tracks from hot mammies like Lil Kim and Destiny’s Child. Other baddies that hit the deck were local DJs Kamili Yon, Django, and Mr Polkinghorne himself. Sometime between the main event and kick ons, a few boogers disappeared up to the teachers cabin where a contest of who had the best ass was on show, the two contenders were Manks and Vik. It’s safe to say, that by the end of it, Miss Gabbean had had enough of the ass contest. All boogers returned back to the dance floor for a special midnight celebration, Tess’ 27th birthday. Outcasts celebrated with two cakes, a birthday song and best wishes for the birthday gal. The evening ended with an abundance of love and laughter, leaving few trying to get a good nights sleep before the drive back to Sydney the following day.

Until next time boogers…

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