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The Earth: My Reason to Travel

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

The Earth becomes my reason to travel. She is so vast and warming, she is adaptable and inviting. She is the bridge between the land and the skies above, so that we can navigate beside her. It is her powers of survival that allow her to flourish, while her hands that feed nourish and accomplish. The breeze of breath brushes through her elegantly, so that she can radiate the awareness that lie deep within.

While the Moon is set to orbit around the Earth, the Earth rotates to witness the Moon. Catching glimpses that shine in the darkness of night, illuminating the path it casts insight. The Earth blesses the moon as it pulls ripples into waves. Preventing stillness and stagnation, it is why the Earth must always move.

I am the life that lives within, the source of energy that propagates creation in all sizes. I create magic with illusion, mystifying those who meets my embrace. I have a higher power; love that radiates and shines, it is the power I have on Earth and higher. My purpose in life is to shine and enlighten, my intention is to move like a swan in grace. While trying to rise and heighten my space I forget to be, which lands me in a dreamlike state. What I love about the Earth is that she is a moving and vast place, for it is change that delights me in every case.

Excited, I am to continue my journey with this wonderful presence I call Earth. I feel calm and at peace knowing I have her beside me as I explore unlimited surprises, opportunities, and lessons I am yet to face. Grounded by the Earth while dropped into the tides of the ocean, we harmonise and become the model for integrity. One purpose attracting reasons and whys, One Earth synchronised showing directions and hows.

I would like to thank the Earth for all she has done. I acknowledge the land that she provides and the paths she creates. Opening passages, pockets, and pastures for others to enjoy, she is wildly magnetic so it does not surprise it is rare to find her alone. Within her arms there is always a warm embrace, offering the wisdom of life that is hard to replace. So blessed to be born to this Earth, I would not trade this Earth for another in her place.

Everyone should love, connect and respect the Earth, without her you would be lost and in a frightful place. For without the Earth you do not have the space to learn how to navigate. She is a vital key to our survival, a treasure that is hidden behind ego and distraction. My request for you is to be present and aware, of how blessed you are to have such a serving and nurturing mother we all call Earth.

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