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  • Writer's pictureNavija Jaric

The Cosmos

The cosmos is a place so vast, it continues to expand. As you try to encapsulate its entirety, in it your mind disappears. Within this place lies the emptiness of space. Within space lies a scattered assortment of energy and matter. Here lies the setting of all life. For space, energy, and matter creates the perfect recipe for life to thrive.

While each being and body are brought into the physical through matter, each being and body are given life with energy, space is the context or the stage for the being and body to live out this life. Those who are rooted in the physical create the perception of time in order to form a purpose or meaning; a cause and affect during their time in life. Beings without bodies live in vibrational energy across all of spacetime.

The division of this knowledge can be described and understood through the system of dimensions. The first dimension is the context; the endless space between beginning and end, the second dimension is the creation of matter in this space, the third dimension is matter’s reality of space; depth, height and width is what was taught at school. The fourth dimension is the creation of time; the power for matter in space to move along the space between beginning and end, so that energy may occupy and manipulate matter within space. The fifth dimension is energy outside of matter, within space. It can be described as a feeling that is there yet cannot be explained or defined. The sixth dimension is energy outside of space, the source of all, the sum of all dimension forms the seventh dimension, the vastness place, the cosmos. Each dimension is intrinsically related to another, building on each other to form a new dimension of existence, because of this connection; each dimension has the power to support and influence the others existence. We may call in and communicate with energy from higher dimensions, and take responsibility to care for and heal matter in the lower dimensions.

As beings operating in the fourth dimension; at the centre of all space, energy and matter it is our responsibility to care for our physical body, and all things our physical bodies create, while also maintaining the balance and connection with every and all energies outside of the physical. Our diligence to maintain these connections, to live in alinement ensures our effortless journey through the fourth.

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