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Roberto’s Birthday Bash (2020)

On the rooftop of Maddy and Roberto’s one bedroom apartment in Waterloo, boogers came far and wide to witness and partake in the celebration of Roberto’s twenty seventh name day. The autumn air was filled with love and laughter as boogers came together in honour of the birthday boy’s celebration.

From afternoon to evening, onlookers enjoyed the warm Autumn sunset, embracing the golden hour over the cityscape horizon. Ladies lined up and huddled into formation to get their best angles captured with the golden glow. A few made homage to the sun as it set behind the horizon, by appreciating the moment together before the evening progressed.

Once the sun had set it was time to send it, we had local DJs Kamili Yon and Mr Polkinghorne serve us some phat tracks, leaving everyone with WAPs. Everyone was busting out their best dance moves, shirts came off as they were too hot to handle. Bootys were popping, twerking, and flying from side to side. The only time anyone quit the dance floor was to take a moment to love and appreciate a special guest of the evening: our little love child, Disco.

The evening ended with a birthday cake for the birthday boy, followed by kick ons at the local Maccas (not documented) and Waterloo Oval, where discussions of incoherent babble occurred. Many boogers left satisfied with their evening of celebrations and in need of a hydrolyte.

Big thank you to all that attended Roberto’s Twenty Seventh name day!

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