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KFAB: Taomans Ferry

“Moments I will always remember with people I will never forget” — Django, a perfect summary for KFAB’s Taomans Ferry trip.

In May of 2023, twenty-odd boog-ers came together for what would be an adventure they would never forget. Meeting in the heart of the city of Manila, boogers drank away all the years and distance between them, and signed up for an epic adventure that would ultimately bring them closer than ever before. With each autograph donated to a little book of memories, boogers captured themselves into a time capsule of friendship, sharing their thoughts and feelings.

While in Manila the KFAB crew celebrated their reunion with a few nights of drinking and fun, taking a shot for every year that had gone past without each other. For some, these nights out were a first time in meeting Olivers life before down under, including his gorgeous mother Jena, cousin Nikki and friends from school; Julliard, Cino, Neil, and George. An abundance of brunches, lunches, dinners, and nibbles including 100 php oysters were enjoyed and savoured. Knots and tension were massaged out to prepare each booger for their holiday time in paradise.

From Manila the KFAB team boarded their Cebu pacific flight to Coron. While Nelson and Berkay played a prank on the rest by claiming they had missed their fight, Oliver was winning it up on the flight in the notorious Cebu game of trivia.

Landing in Coron was the beginning of health and safety warnings from organiser Oliver, notifying boogers to stick with their bottled water and to stay away from the local ice. For some, this warning was not enough to prevent them from falling ill and claiming their first point in the Tao bingo.

Most boogers stayed two nights in the lovely dusty town of Coron, with Meg joining last minute, flying over from Canada after finishing a major psych exam. For some these two nights were filled with an abundance of rum and adventure, visiting the local karaoke bars followed by a local’s tour of the port in the early hours of morning. Sydney dweller Dave got a lot of attention while out and about with locals recognising our fellow booger as the doppelgänger of the late Jesus Christ.

For those who were blessedly unaffected by sharp and explosive bowels, took the time in Coron to explore the island and its surrounds. Here the team split into two, half mapping out the land by scooter and explored a waterfall, and the other half mapped out the sea in search for dugongs.

On the streets, boogers could find all their expedition essentials including wet bags, water shoes and colourfully dyed sarongs, which would then be worn as a replacement for clothes, sun protection and towels.

From the port of Coron Boogers boarded an old converted fishing boat and was greeted by our crew with the first of many delicious meals that would be provided by our chef Wedy and his friendly team. Our team leader, Vince provided a chilled laid back approach assuring the crews abilities to assist the group as long as you can ask for help. The teams slogan “If you shy, you die” echoed through the minds and voices of boogers. Von the don our designated bartender quickly became a favourite among most, with the KFAB crew quickly putting him to work from brunch to sunrise. Oli our second in charge was a great smell we couldn’t get rid of, staying on our expedition through to El Nido, and even joining us for our send off at Calamari bar for a night of karaoke. Wasoy our master of all trades was the crème de la crème, teaching anything from collecting a coconut from a tree, to creating a shell anklet, to playing with poi’s on the island. Jun-Ree, Benxi, Jake and Kevin were our shy boys, our operators behind the scenes nonetheless as cherished as the rest. Gallet and Luna were immediate favourites among the KFAB crew as our friendly little Jack Russell’s on board providing all the love and cuddles they were willing to accept.

On the boat the days were long and the weeks were short as boogers snorkelled, swam, sun bathed and ate their way through their two weeks in paradise. Stopping along small island along the way, boogers saw first hand how Tao gives back to local communities through investing in schools for children. In the evenings boogers became one with nature, with only a net protecting them from the outside world, bunking up and staying in little huts made of bamboo and palm leaves.

There was no shortage of activities, entertainment, and Philippino power with most people on board pushing themselves to try new things. For some this meant building up their confidence to swim in the open waters as they searched to spot turtles, dugongs, and various brightly coloured fish, for others this meant trying new foods, fishing, and harvesting sea urchins.

Creativity was not absent while on the boat, with a slam jam poetry hour. On the top deck of the old repurposed fishing boat somewhere off the coast of Inapupan Island Aisha, Diksha, Navi, Ollie and Ronnie putting their minds together to create a snapshot of the essence of what it was to be on the boat.

While there were a lot of moments of excitement, there was equally as much time for relaxation. Daily naps in the sun were the new norm, and various book titles were being devoured wherever there was a moment of stillness. The KFAB book club list included titles such as; A new earth by Eckhardt Tolle, Manifest —7 steps to living your best life by Roxie Nafousi, Down Under by Bill Bryson,

It would not be a Polkinghorne production without a few DJ decks and a boogie on the dance floor so you best believe on our own private island Boogers did what boogers do best — have a boog. We had DJ Cheese, DJango, DJ BFG, DJ Shaddy, DJ Briele and local DJ Eena who hit the decks for a night to half-remember. There were cocktails and red horses on the sand floor under the bamboo tower dance floor, boogers grooved with the island crew to the sweet smell of vapes and the jungle sweeping through. It was a hot girl summer moment, with the islands hottest dancers making an appearance lighting up the stage with their brightly coloured bikinis and hottest dance moves amping up the atmosphere. Island pool was played on the side, shots were had, and games of jenga were won and lost at the bar. The dance floor came to a close as the solar generators dwindled in power, a sign of a night well spent. A few stragglers stayed up past close continuing on with a portable UE boom carrying the night to dawn. Stragglers turned to skinny dippers enjoying the silence and privacy of the early morning.

Dusty and deathly were two words used to describe the next morning’s rise, although it was no time to rest as boogers were made to pack their bags and board a boat to the next and final island to stay. An island across from the main farm with an abundance of coconuts was the perfect island to recover. Freshly picked coconuts were opened and served so everyone had their taste of electrolytes to wash away the headaches and hangovers caused by the night before. Sobriety did not last long as boogers entered another evening of celebrations, this time in celebration of young Oliver’s thirtieth birthday. The lost boys put up a feast of feasts cooking a whole pig on the spit in celebration followed by a fire show that Navi, Georgia, Django, Nate, Oliver, Berkay, Jason and Luke made a surprise appearance in.

El Nido was the final stop on the Tao expedition, for most this was a shock to the system. Back on land rum and adventures carried on with a night on town hitting the karaoke bar turned to a bangin’ party on the streets and a day walk through the tree tops. One by one or two by two, each booger slowly departed from the island tour and returned home to their loved ones, clean water, and over priced beveraginos.

For those who are experiencing fomo from the stories and images shared, rest assured knowing that this will not be the last time KFAB visits Taoman’s Ferry, as Oliver poignantly put it “We do it again bigger ‘n’ better”. For those seeking to make the most of their next trip, KFAB Tao goers came together and crafted a game of bingo to insure a fulfilling time away.

The aim: to make the most of their trip, and so boogers went ahead with tallying up their bingo scores, while also reminiscing their time spent in tropical paradise.

Aisha - 14

“For me, the trip was a reminder of how wonderful life can be when you surround yourself with amazing people. My time was filled with laughter, adventure, sunshine, ease, and refreshing silliness. The Philippines and Tao gave me many moments of speechlessness and awe for the beauty of Palawan and its community.”

“I would return to the Philippines in a heartbeat, and will be grateful to Mr Oliver for organising this experience for us all, for a long time to come.”

Alex - 12

“Dancing on the beach

our late summer holiday

with friends old and new”

“I’ve gone with a haiku. My first haiku ever actually”

Becca - 15

“Short comment on the PH Trip?!?! That’s difficult. Our travels meant so much to me on so many different levels - vacation, reunion, celebration, exploration (internal, external & worldly)”

“Simply a cherished trip in one of the most beautiful countries with some of my favourite people.”

Berkay - 13

“I was hesitant at first after returning from a long trip from Bali. Then Ollie convinced me one drunk night catch-up and I’m gad I did buy my ticket that night. It was a perfect itinerary where we were able to spend time in both city and rural of Philippines with a group of more than 20 friends.”

“Diving in sunken Japanese ships from WW2, getting stung by sea urchin, partying at farm with best of keen for boogie resident DJ’s were def highlights. We/I will be back again in the near future —P.s: Thanks again Ollie.”

Dave - 17 BINGO!

“A big almighty shout out to Oliver for pulling off the most incredible feat of logistics to tie on 26+ loose beautiful people to such an experience —

No one else could do it”

Diksha - 13

“What a truly unforgettable trip to tropical paradise with the most beautiful souls! Between the mouthwatering food that made our taste buds dance and the crystal blue waters, there was endless laughter and sing-along small night long.”

“Here’s to many more adventures to you crazy boogers!”

Django - 12

“Poor showing. I had fun guys, promise”

“Tao... oh Tao... how can I describe it? How oh how... the people, the food, the water so bright. Lillian backslapping in glorious flight. The memories remembered, the people not forgotten the friendship and love from top to bottom. But above all it was the Lost Boys who truly shone - hold on, hold on, Celine Dion”

Edo - 18 BINGO!

“What can I say…our boat trip was nothing short of mesmerising and the lost boys are a band of ebullient, free-spirited souls that filled us with joy and made us appreciate life at its purest”

“I miss losing track of time, not having a plan, letting the sea guide us to the next sand bank. We are all lost, boys.”

Gaio - 19 BINGO!

“This Philippines trip has been divine,

Don’t tell me it’s not,

Friends I have been with are much more than fine,

I miss them a lot,

Dreamin about lost boys’ yacht,

I don’t want this to stop.”

Georgia - 12

“I ate some of the best food with some of the best people”

“I’m surprised shitting yourself isn’t on the list. But maybe other people didn’t do that?”

Jason - 15 BINGO!

“I quite enjoyed the trip”

Laura - 16 BINGO!

“Turtles became my friends.”

Lillian - 18 BINGO!

“This trip was an item on my bucket list that I didn’t know I had”

Luke - 13

"I had a great time. More nudity but less sex than most island holidays."

Maddie - 20 (…Allegedly)

“It was mind-blowing”

“Von Von still yearning for my love”

Meg - 11

Nari -15

“Just in my element 24/7 — swimming to shore from the boat and sleeping in huts, clambering on rocks, never having to wear shows and being ridiculous with the most beautiful people all day and all night.”

“Will plan my life around the next trip”

Nate - 16

“This trip was a complete fairytale. Getting so many like minded people in one place is a beautiful thing, and doing that while in paradise is unheard of.”

“I‘m sure we will do this again, but this one will always be special”

Navi - 17

“Possibly the best decision I made in 2022, to join such a beautiful group of people on a trip of a lifetime exploring such a picturesque part of the world is something I will never forget.”

“I am so grateful for everyone I met, everything I learnt, and everything I tried while in the Philippines, a huge core memory indeed.”

Nelson - 12

“This trip was the medicine I didn’t know I needed — certainly one that will forever be etched in my heart. Catching sunrises, cocktails and sunsets were among my favourites.“

“More importantly, I feel like I grew closer to every person on the trip. XO Nelson”

Nicki - 14

“It was paradise shared with beautiful souls!”

Oliver - 19 BINGO!

“I’ve had a fucking ripper of of a time and am beyond grateful you’ve all gotten to spend time in my home with both my family and friends!!”

“This is honestly both surreal and super special for me, it’s too hard to articulate into words. All I know is that the come down from this high is gonna be a rough ride!!”

Ronnie - 16 BINGO!

“6/10. Snorkelling was breathtaking, food was great but the group was a bit rowdy”

Scotty - 17 BINGO!

"Philippines and Chill-ippines.”

"Maybe the real treasure was the Phils we pined along the way."

Tess - 17

Vik - 10

Well done to all the winners who called out BINGO and all the rest who took it easy as they lived it up on the island. A lot was said while on the voyage across the crystal clear seas, with some speaking more garbage than others. Some might argue that the most garbage was said off the boat then on. Words and sentiments taken to heart and out of context were recorded in the little book of memories and crafted into a snapshot.

Overall the expedition was a success, gaining good memories and a few tan lines, while leaving behind unforgettable friendships to return to. Looking forward to the next one Bigger and better! Would highly recommend every reader to jump on board for the next tour because this is an experience that will nourish the heart and soul.

Big shout out to our film photographers on set: Aisha, Diksha, Laura and Narina, and phone photographer: Lillian for providing the visual content.

Special thanks to Oliver for making this all possible.

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