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KFAB: Fly Tree Top Adventure

It was a crisp day in the late weekend of September. The year was twenty twenty, a time of counting time and moments with friends. A group of nine boogers came together to get out of the big smoke and explore the heights of a tree top adventure left of a big potato.

Boogers came together in Redfern meeting for coffee and pastries before they embarked on their journey south of the big smoke. A cafe that delighted, shinning a perfect morning spirit on the travellers, readying them on their approaching journey.

The boogers convoyed as they made their way south taking the first motorway, passing through National Parks, Fairy Meadow and the Gong. It took two hours to reach their destination, cars hot boxed with tunes and conversations.

Reaching their destination, boogers were thrilled to take in the fresh air, green scenery and to stretch out their legs. Boogers enjoyed a short walk immersed in nature guiding them to the steps towards heaven. The boogers ascended through to the canopy that overlooked the valley and ocean.

The view was ever so expansive, looking out to the horizon boogers took in the full HD display. The sky opened up blurring the distinction between sea and sky, the large and luminous clouds shadowing the below valley. Greens and blues filled their surroundings, their retinas, their hearts expanding with biophilia.

It was time to descend back down to the ground and return to the smoke. Upon their exit boogers were faced with a local werewolf thanking them for their stay, requesting that they would visit again soon. Boogers were taken aback by her size and smile wondering where she came from. The convoy of boogers made two stops, the first at the big potato for a photo op and a bevy because when in Robertson! The second stop was to take in the view on land, the valley covered in green tumbling hills accented in bubbling trees filled the background of their captured moments.

Boogers pictured: Chloe, Django, Edo, Gaio, Kieran, Manks, Ollie and Tess.

Navi weekend rating: 7/10

A lovely getaway immersed in nature with friends. Not your average getaway filled with fresh air with a sprinkle of heart pumping exercise. The walk is short, lengthened by all the photo ops that are available to camera lovers. My hot recommendation would be to bring a picnic to enjoy more of the space and the time after the commute down south.

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