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Best Life Single Launch

Updated: Feb 23

A rooftop party in the center of KingsX prompts a night to remember, with DJ Kamili Yon gracing the decks to celebrate the launch of his latest single Best Life. Kamili Yon slung bangers left, right, and centre, getting all the hot mammies pop, locking, and dropping to Whitney Houston, Doc Daneeka, and his own hottest tracks. You best believe his hottest single Filthy Flamingo also graced the ears of boogers celebrating on the dance floor and cocktail-ing in the designated vape corner out on the rooftop balcony.

Rounds of beers, spirits and cocktails saturated the evening with liquor, one beveragino that stood out was Gabriella Spritz. Celebrating the evening by performing back to back sets, after having graced the ears of listeners of Bondi Radio with Italo house. Boogying on the decks, Miss Spritz complimented the mains (Kamili Yon) like a fine wine, sending it through ’till the early AMs. Miss Spritz was in high spirits in her ”celebration of friendship and creativity” she said it was “great to share Kieran’s (Kamili Yon’s) track with people beyond the kfab friend group” and to “stay tuned for more kfab parties in public spaces”. Miss Gabriella Spritz will be serving up “Afro disco and some bangers” as she supports Boo Seeka at the Beach Road Hotel on the twenty second of February this year, followed by a sunset set at the Tilbury Hotel in Woolloomooloo.

In contrast to his first single release Filthy Flamingo, Kamili Yon opted for a more casual and intimate approach to celebrating Best Life. Kamili Yon put his experience in events to good use as he orchestrated the vibes, the charisma and the guest list (boogers), while ensuring his delightful evening was captured on camera. While reflecting on the captured moments of the evening Kamili Yon said ”film photography has such a beautiful aesthetic when done well, and to have a talented, close friend shoot my single launch was perfect. I wanted it to be a casual but genuine gathering, no pressure, all fun. Navi captured that.”

The evening ended on a high with most boogers retiring back to their homes feeling quenched of their thirst for a boogy, and in need of several hydrolytes to get through the next morning.

Big thank you to everyone who celebrated best life at Kings Cross Hotel.

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