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  • Writer's pictureNavija Jaric

54: Exploration for Meaning

While exploring my higher purpose I found meaning, the meaning of contribution. I became aware that we are all here contributing to the growth of ourselves and others, we appear and hold space to then influence the space of others, and in return have their energy influence our awareness of the world. Like atomic chargers we can attract and repel others away, like everything in life, we change from these interactions. These changes could be structurally, emotionally, consciously. While looking at the part I play in this life I realised that we must change in alignment, in alignment with ourselves. We must put ourselves first over the assumed needs of others, and as I have learnt from the lesson of the sun; we must also balance the survival between ourselves and others. For we cannot put the needs of others before ourselves any more than we should focus on the needs of ourselves over others. An enlightened life allows us to rise together as one, and with this higher vision of togetherness can we truly rise for ourselves. We must all take responsibility for our part we must play in the upgrade of life, how we are all each uniquely important in the evolution of life. 


When we evolve, we radiate and emanate our energy freely and with ease as we navigate ourselves through life, like nerves in the brain firing between synaptic junctions, sending energy and information from one space to another. When we are in alignment we perfect communication, through transparency within and with others we speak our truth. In this space we can connect to the universe and manifest for ourselves. We are energy, and we hold space, we are the space for awareness to occur, we are our awareness. Our awareness listens to our thoughts, it senses our feelings, and it frames the world or structures it around our beliefs. If we are to return to our intention of simply being, absent of the reactionary self, and live our life with integrity we must dissolve our dependency to identifying with our thoughts, feelings and beliefs, in doing so we liberate ourselves from our ego. When we allow our senses and beliefs to become our reality, we allow the ego to live on our behalf so that we may run on autopilot reacting to the ever changing environment around us without awareness. When we remind ourselves of our awareness we transcend survival in autopilot. 


From my experience I know it takes conscious effort to return to a state of awareness, it is so easy to give into the ego allowing it to guide your path, when you are only required to sense and react to the world moving around you, through you, and past you. Sitting idle waiting for life to change for you, instead of taking responsibility of changing life for you. Living wondering why life isn’t changing or going in the direction you want without moving yourself, it is like a shell being swept away by the shore, rolled onto the sandbank until it is shaved away into the sand itself; a life wasted and lost. That is life settled to live as the ego, life lived as your awareness is life lived as the crab, the crab picks up different shells and wears them until they no longer serve them, stripping themselves and moving into a larger shell that suits their needs, with evolution some crabs grew out of their shells altogether and lives freely outside of their ego. What serves me when I try to come back to my state of awareness is the active search for a higher perspective, and my breath. I know if I want to live like a crab I must learn to live fearlessly, to actively choose to live outside of my shell, within awareness. That is my dedication to myself and to the collective.

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