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  • Writer's pictureNavija Jaric

40: The Purpose of Enlightenment

This is a story about life, a journey to enlightenment. In this story, life is guided by enlightenment, and enlightenment is guided by life. Enlightenment is defined as the expansion of knowledge of ones universe to improve their outlook and their own situation, life empowers those with this awareness. Those who have a new found awareness take command of their life and radiates the insights life have to offer. The intention of this awareness is to move through life with ease and grace, with a sense of elegance. For each being finds balance between survival and life, they are attuned to the opportunities and lessons life throws at them, and they have developed their abilities to accomplish and heal with integrity. As each being receives each new insight, they are faced with polarity, polarity within themselves, of who they were, and with others on their own path. As change and enlightenment coincide, these changes have the ability to stabilise these connections between beings or challenge them. This may dissolve some loyalties, however will almost always liberate each being with the insight of compassion. Once enlightenment is reached, life frees up for beings to define and form their sense of abundance through their dreams. Their intuition moves from a place of a survival to abundance. However, enlightenment is not enlightenment alone, especially after learning of the importance of compassion. The service you give in enlightenment to others is the service of communication, it is through language and play where beings universalise their insights to enlightenment. With this shared knowledge, a cooperative or a collective can make magic, raising the vibration for all. Creating a new illusion of what it means to call life, life. Through all of this, on the journey of life, each being must endure the influence of others, be present with the wisdom imparted by others, and transcend by remembering their power of free-will and their purpose, enlightenment in life.

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