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  • Writer's pictureNavija Jaric

27: The Art of Accomplishment and Healing

Updated: Mar 6

This is a story about the road to accomplishment and healing. Like accomplishment, healing is guided by know; what you know, what is known, and the unknown. The intention of both; are an individuals perspective. In the case of accomplishment, it is learning how to create vision to a reality, create what is perceived to be something worth creating. Healing on the other hand, requires an individual to overcome and change their own perspective in order to grow and evolve. The greatest challenge on the road to accomplishment is learning how to perfect the process, the same goes for healing. The first broken heart is always the messiest and the most painful. Without experience, situations and processes seem novel, obscure, and at times intimidating. The road to success is a long one, for an individual to persist on their journey through the unknown, they must define and form compassion towards themselves and towards others. For compassion is needed to accept and move on from past mistakes, and is needed to form the fundamental opinion; that everyone is learning, growing, and on their own path. When experiencing adversity or a challenge on the road to accomplishment, individuals are best to look ahead and anticipate future choices and outcomes, navigating themselves through to success. Dissolving old beliefs and patterns to allow the evolution of their mind, skills, and process; the feeling of overcoming these obstacles is liberating and rewarding to the individual. When experience has been attained, repeated, perfected; then elegance enters a state of flow. This state of flow serves as an encouraging motivation to persist on one’s path, encouragement that they can overcome any future obstacle as they have in the past. While operating in a state of flow, moving through life effortlessly, humbly, and prepared for all, an individual may appear to others as making magic. They reach a place that is timeless, they get lost in the moment and enchant others as they become the model for desire. Here they explore and inspire to further shift the unknown to the known. As they play with the illusion of effortlessness, an individual radiates confidence, empowering others to do the same, to start their journey. They dedicate themselves to the art of flow, becoming the object of others aspirations and projected insecurities. The individual finds itself a new element to overcome, which is finding the balance between other beings opinions and their own, organising what is relevant to their path and remembering their why. The individual practices their free will and continues on their journey. Sometimes the individual learns that their way is the hard way, and at times; changing their way is even harder than continuing with their own way. The individual may feel that they need to start from the beginning, defeated and as though they are at a loss, however they must endure these discomforts for change to incite advancement. For life without change is stagnant. The being does this with compassion. Compassion for oneself, for those who know, and those who are yet to know the state of flow. This does not phase the individual, because they have confidence with what they know, they have perfected their art. Thus, the individual produces an element of fearlessness in their journey to accomplishment and healing. Their unwavering conviction to their goals universalises the importance of the process to seek into the unknown and return to them into the known.

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