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  • Writer's pictureNavija Jaric

14: Journey to the Infinite

This is a story about a being reaching the infinite; the source of enchantment. This is a place of timelessness, a place outside of reality, it is not a place that can be touched, felt, or described, it is a place only our third eye can see and our body and soul can feel. The beings visit to this eternal place questions and dissolves its previous awareness of life as it discovers that all of life is attuned to this place, that the energy from the infinite flows through, inspires and channels everything in life; themselves, their neighbours, their community, the trees, the birds, and each and every single blade of grass. The being senses that the balance and equality of life is maintained through change and self-generation. This liberates the being as it realises that every being, and all life are connected, all cooperating and contributing to the collective life force energy. The being now understands the purpose of the infinite, and that their service to the greater purpose is to be fearless with this intelligence, forming their abilities to anticipate and navigate through the network of narratives, And enduring the process by being present to opportunities, and transcending through conflict and the lessons. When the being returns from the infinite, it finds itself challenged with the polarity of its own new perspective of the world and the perspective held by others. The being returns as an outsider with a mission; opened up to the knowledge of the interconnectedness of life in a world of individual living; a world of being, the being must communicate what it had learnt as intended by the infinite. Within some, the polarities persist, needing more than just words to convince them of this place, however this does not worry the being for they simply just be, having learnt everything they know they transform the way they be. Through their development of anticipation, fearlessness and their measurement of synchronicities, the being becomes far more than just a being, they become a trailblazer, a messiah and a projection of everyone’s insecurities. They radiate confidence, empowering other beings who are ready to see, showing them the infinites interconnected way of life. For those who are not ready to see, project what they are willing to see onto them, failures, fears, and insecurities. For the beings who are ready to see, they learn that the place of enchantment can grant their wishes, for a place that is connected to all and everything can send them their hearts desires. Through the process of meditation, and the unlocking of the third eye, each being through the practice of manifestation can call in abundance, and they perfect their intuition as they strengthen their connection with the infinite.

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