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  • Writer's pictureNavija Jaric

1: Birth, Being and Nurturance

This is a story about being. Each being is nurtured and guided by another, it’s purpose; is to be, with the intention of surrendering to the flow of life, accepting all that it has to offer. On this journey through life, beings learn from their environment, forming a sense of awareness of how the world operates, consistently enduring what their awareness defines. In a primitive sense, the being is limited by its awareness, sensing and reacting to what it knows and the meanings it makes of their world. A common phrase that gets passed between beings is that your mind is your enemy, however what they miss is that it can also be your saviour. Within each being is the ability to transcend their limitations through exploring knowledge and meanings beyond their awareness, overcoming the parameters their minds set. Some people call this the process of wakefulness. In a community there are many beings on their own journey cooperating and working together for a common cause. Each being contributes to the greater collective influencing each other with their wisdom, and supporting one another with their specific skills and resources. Within all beings it is known that life and death are a natural part of life, for one door to open another must close, to recycle energy is a natural part of life, and so those who are naturally gifted to survive, with superior instincts are revered. They radiate strength and health, and become the champions in a community as they move through life with ease and grace as the model being. Those who are not born with the gift of an easy life, work to accomplish and know what it means to be, and thrive in the community. These beings inspire others in their community, and eventually reach a state of modelled ease. It is known that every being dreams of abundance, it is what bonds each other to the cycle of life. An abundance of resources, feelings, connections, and loyalties. Beings consume and produce what their heart desires. Beings aim to perfect the art of loyalty to maintain the illusion of society, often using communication as a way to establish and maintain unity amongst other beings, however language can be used to both challenge and to stabilise. Language sets groups apart as it defines the way we understand our world, our world is limited by our language, yet it can also be used to bridge the gaps between worlds and allow us to communicate what is misunderstood. This can dissolve the illusion of difference, for everyone and everything is one, that is the Liberating magic of life.

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